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Parsemus Foundation works to advance innovative and neglected medical research. The foundation supports studies and then seeks to raise awareness of results, to ensure that they change treatment practice rather than disappear into the scientific literature. Many of the studies the foundation supports involve low-cost approaches that are not under patent, and are thus unlikely to be pursued by pharmaceutical companies due to limited profit potential. Parsemus Foundation’s main focus is currently bringing Vasalgel to market.

Key Facts and Statistics about Male Contraception

Sixty-four percent of couples around the globe used contraception in 2015. Even though men have fewer options than women, male contraceptive use accounted for 21% of contraceptive practice worldwide.

  • Vasectomy: 4% of couples, 0.15% failure rate
  • Male condoms: 12% of couples, 18% failure rate in typical use
  • Withdrawal method: 5% of couples, 22% failure rate in typical use

In almost all discussions about the development of new male contraceptive options, the issues that come up most often are: Would men use it? Would women trust men to use it? A number of scientifically conducted surveys in the past 15 years have measured the attitudes of men and women about male contraception. The information available to date indicates that:

  • About half of men surveyed would be willing to use new male contraceptive methods.
  • This figure varies by country and is often related to demographic variables (including the acceptability of using existing contraceptive options).
  • Women overwhelmingly respond that they would trust their committed partner to use contraception (an issue primarily for methods that require daily compliance, unlike Vasalgel). In short-term or new relationships, women have the option to continue their own protection.

For details, citations and links, download “Male Contraception Attitudes Surveys and Research” (PDF, 276 KB).

For an authoritative overview of the state of male contraception research, see “Keeping Male Contraceptive Research Front and Center,” CTI Exchange 2016.

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Executive and Associate Headshots

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Elaine-Lissner-Headshot-HiResElaine Lissner, Founder and TrusteeLinda-Brent-HeadshotLinda Brent, PhD, MBA, Executive Director
Donald_Waller-HeadshotDonald Waller, Ph.D., Clinical Research Adviser

Vasalgel Polymer Hydrogel

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Vasalgel-GrayGroundVasalgel on a gray groundVasalgel-BlueGround-MasterVasalgel on a blue ground
Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.58.29 PM3D representation of Vasalgel blocking sperm in a human vas deferens

Vasalgel Infographics

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Vasalgel_Infographic_Lina-WEBHow does Vasalgel work?Vasalgel_Infographic-FullPage8.5" x 11" Mechanism of Action

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World Contecaptive Chart_Poster_15 Oct-2015WHO Department of Economic and Social Affairs: World Contraceptive Patterns, 2015Male_Rhesus_macaqueMale rhesus macaque
Male_Rhesus_macaqueMale rhesus macaque


We are available for interviews, media requests, and fact-checking. In addition, we can provide names of individuals who wish to use Vasalgel. Please contact for assistance. Upon request we will also gladly provide contact information for relevant policymakers, NGO representatives, and researchers who are willing to provide expert comments for your story.

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