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Contraception with protection from HIV

This quick-acting male contraceptive pill is in earlier stages of research, but it’s exciting because of one feature: it could potentially drastically reduce the male-to-partner transmission of HIV. But would men accept the mechanism of action — a semen-free orgasm — even if it feels exactly the same? (As one guy put it, “All of the twitch, none of the spurt.”) Many policymakers say men would never go for this, and that there’s no point in bothering with the research. Are they right?

We’ve run a small attitudes study in the U.S. to start answering the question. The result? Among low- and moderate-income young men in the U.S., about 20% say “No way;” about 20% say “Yes, please, when can I get it!” and the rest say “It depends” on knowing more about safety, side effects, etc. That number of men who would consider it may not sound like much, but 20% is a higher percentage of men than use condoms! Another sign that people are interested: A TechCITEMENT article came out about the “clean sheets pill” in March 2012 and was viewed by more than half a million people. We thought it was at least worth giving this research a chance to prove its stuff.

The next step requires $300,000 to test the improved versions in rams. Supporters of our campaign contributed over $1800, in amounts from $5 to $500. We’ve used the first several hundred of the donations to fund the attitudes study above, and the rest to make a grant to the researchers to keep their lab going and look for other sources of funding– but the larger goal appears to be beyond our reach.

Want to change this? To tell policymakers you want development of the Clean Sheets Pill, please SIGN THE PETITION at left — and spread the word on social networks by passing along the TechCITEMENT link to friends. To add your voice to the call for this and other new male contraceptive methods, you can also fill out the short no-spam petition at the Male Contraception Information Project.

Want to know more? To read more about the Clean Sheets Pill and how it works, see Male Contraception Initiative. And for more info on the team’s results, here’s the Poster presented at the Future of Contraception Initiative conference in Seattle in October 2011.

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Mar 21, 2017
LagosIt is about time the onus of contraception is taken off women. Menfolk have to share some of the responsibility too.
Mar 15, 2017
WIThis is the first non-barrier method that can prevent STI transmission. This is an incredible step to take!
Mar 10, 2017
WashingtonMany men don't use condoms because they believe it reduces the pleasure of sex. The ability to still participate without a condom and not worry about pregnancy or HIV transmission is compelling enough for me to consider it
H Martin
Feb 21, 2017