New nonhormonal contraceptives- but this time, for men. Long-acting Vasalgel, an injectable alternative to vasectomy; a contraceptive pill that could reduce HIV transmission; and more.

Dogs & cats

A better way to spay large dogs without impacting their health; research into marking sterilized street dogs; and calcium chloride (“Calchlorin”), a low-cost, nonsurgical neuter shot available to vets now.

Breast cancer

Women take aromatase inhibitors for five years after breast cancer, despite the impact on quality of life. What if there is an alternative? Also, intraductal alcohol for breast cancer prevention.

Latest news

Follow Vasalgel progress; read about new treatments for BPH (enlarged prostate) and breast cancer; get updates on calcium chloride neuter shot for dogs and cats; hear our news and calls for research.

Our strategy

Parsemus Foundation works to advance innovative and neglected medical research. The foundation’s focus is on supporting small proof-of-concept studies and then pursuing press coverage of the results, so that the advances change treatment practice rather than disappearing into the scientific literature. Many of the studies we support involve low-cost approaches that are not under patent. When supporting development of technologies under patent, Parsemus Foundation coordinates with larger funders to make sure support is contingent upon strong public-sector pricing agreements.

Current areas of focus are contraceptive development (particularly long-acting nonhormonal male methods); nonhormonal contraception/nonsurgical sterilization for animals; and an alternative to aromatase inhibitors after breast cancer for better quality of life. And that’s not all– additional projects are listed in the page links above. Applications for support are by invitation only except where specifically noted.

Key projects


A long-acting, nonhormonal contraceptive for men, with thousands of men on the waitlist.


An affordable, nonsurgical alternative to neuter for dogs and cats- available right now.

“Clean sheets pill”

A quick-acting pill that could drastically reduce male-to-partner transmission of HIV.

Ovary-sparing spay

A better way to spay large dogs while preserving their health, demonstrated by expert veter- inarian Dr. Michelle Kutzler.